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UB Series

  • An additional tilting head available on all sizes of LB series machines called as UB series five axes simultaneous bridge machines.
  • Own design or purchased tilting head are all available as required.
  • Tilting angle range of ±110° on A axis and ±360° on C axis.
  • Z axis travel in 800mm as STD, 1000mm, 1200mm & 1400mm available as options.
  • The UB machine is mainly for European and US markets.
  • Equipping with FANUC/HEIDENHAIN controllers are available in tilting head made in Germany.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 
Specification/ Machine modelUnitUB-433YYZUB-533YYZUB-633YYZUB-733YYZ
X axis travelmm (in)4060 (159.8)5060 (199.2)6060 (238.6)7060 (278)
Y axis travelmm (in)4500 (177.1)
Z axis travel (B =0 degree)mm (in)1000 (39.4)
B axis traveldegree+-110
C axis traveldegree+-360
Table dimension (X direction)mm (in)4000 (157.5)5000 (196.9)6000 (236.2)7000 (275.5)
Table dimension (Y direction)mm (in)2400 (94.5)
Table loadingkg (lb)15000 (33069)18000 (39683)20000 (44092)22000 (48501)
Spindle motor powerkW (HP)34 (45.5)
Spindle speedrpm10-12000
Spindle taper HSK-A100
Rapid feedrate - X axismm(in)/min18000 (708.6)12500 (492.1)9000 (354.3)6000 (236.2)
Rapid feedrate - Y axismm(in)/min15000 (590.5)
Rapid feedrate - Z axismm(in)/min10000 (393.7)
Cutting feedratemm(in)/min1-10000 (393.7)1-9000 (354.3)1-6000 (236.2)
Capacity of tool magazinepcs32
Max. diameter of tool / Adjacent pocket emptymm (in)127(5)/215(8.4)
Max. length of toolmm (in)400 (15.7)
Max. weight of toolkg (lb)20 (44)
Positioning accuracy (JIS 6338)mm (in)±0.015(0.000591)/ full travel
Positioning accuracy (VDI/DGQ 3441)mm (in)P=0.032(0.00126)/ full travelP=0.032(0.00126)/ full travelP=0.032(0.00126)/ full travelP=0.035(0.001378)/ full travel
Repeatibility accuracy (JIS 6338)mm (in)±0.003(0.000118)
Repeatibility accuracy (VDI/DGQ 3441)mm (in)Ps=0.025(0.000984)Ps=0.025(0.000984)Ps=0.025(0.000984)Ps=0.028(0.001102)
Length of the machinemm (in)10590 (416.9)12660 (498.4)14750 (580.7)17250 (679.1)
Width of the machinemm (in)7800 (307)
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