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HB-F Series

  • Two kinds of spindle, Ø110mm (W travel with 500mm) and Ø130mm (W travel with 700mm) quill type and Ram type combined with quill travel, provides all kinds of applications.
  • Specified Hydro-static bearing offered heaviest loaded on the index table.
  • 4000rpm geared spindle with 1,076Nm/793ft-lb offered as STD, 8000rpm built-in spindle with 600Nm/442ft-lb as Option.
  • Patented backlash eliminated mechanism gives index table backlash free on the table smaller than 1600x2000mm, two servo motors convert on the table bigger than 2200x2500mm.
    Specification / Machine modelUnitHB1822-130HF
    X axis travelmm (in)3000 (118.1)
    Y axis travelmm (in)2100 (82.6)
    V axis travelmm (in)1500 (59)
    W axis travelmm (in)700 (27.5)
    From spindle nose to the centerline of tablemm (in)200(7.8)~2000(78.7)
    Table dimension (X direction)mm (in)1800 (70.8)
    Table dimension (Y direction)mm (in)2200 (86.6)
    The smallest split angle of tabledegree0.001
    Table loadingkg (lb)16000 (35273)
    Spindle motor powerkW (HP)22/26 (30/35)
    Spindle speedrpm2500
    Spindle taper BT#50 (ISO 50)
    Rapid feedrate - X axismm(in)/min15000 (590.6)
    Rapid feedrate - Y axismm(in)/min12000 (472.4)
    Rapid feedrate - V axismm(in)/min1000 (39.3)
    Rapid feedrate - W axismm(in)/min5000 (196.9)
    Rapid feedrate - B axisround/min3.08
    Cutting federatemm(in)/min5000 (196.7)
    Capacity of tool magazinepcs40
    Max. diameter of tool / Adjacent pocket emptymm (in)125/250 (4.9/9.8)
    Max. length of toolmm (in)400 (15.7)
    Max. weight of toolkg (lb)25 (55)
    Positioning accuracy (JIS 6338)mm (in)±0.010 (±0.0009/full travel)
    Positioning accuracy (VDI/DGQ 3441)mm (in)P≦0.020(0.000787)/ full travel
    Repeatibility accuracy (JIS 6338)mm (in)±0.005(0.001969)
    Repeatibility accuracy (VDI/DGQ 3441)mm (in)Ps≦0.015(0.000591)
    Length of the machinemm (in)6404 (252.1)
    Width of the machinemm (in)7978 (314)
    Height of the machinemm (in)4550 (179.1)
    Weight of the machinekg (lb)40000 (88184)