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Yuntes Makina started to serve the industrial sector in 1996 in Konya. Considering the requirement policy, it has achieved success with its service to the customer and fast service.

 The primary purpose and vision of Yuntes Makina is to provide quality service and support to industrialists. Thanks to this way of thinking, it has gradually increased its product range and  has been known among the leaders of the machinery sector in Turkey. In addition, by taking the distributorship of many leading companies from all around the world specialized in the field, it has never compromised on its quality and service.

 To provide fast and high-quality service in other regions except Konya, the branches were opened in different cities such as Ankara, İzmir, İstanbul, Bursa and Mersin.

 Yuntes Makina which keeps available all kinds of universal tools of industrial machinery in Turkey, gathered under one roof CNC machine tools, stacking machines and their alternatives. Instead of having a single type of machine in the sector, it has therefore become a machinery market by having every kind of machinery and started to be referred under this name.

 Yuntes Makina has been serving; with economic price, attractive payment terms, a wide range of products, a variety of stocks and instant service. It continues to work in the name of its future targets as to serve in line with the requirements through being innovative and the welfare of the state economy.